Amnesia Collection on PS4

I did only about a 30 minute live video of the beginning of the game to give you an idea of the general controls, gameplay, tips, and an idea of JUST HOW SCARY IT IS.

I did find it fun, entertaining, and scary. The only real downside was the controls. It took a moment to understand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not complicated, it’s just one of those that you have to get a feel for. I’ve honestly seen and played scarier. I give it a solid B+. If you have PS PLUS, it’s free this month. Check it out for yourself!

Batman Vs. Superman: Why I don’t want it to sink like the Titanic.

I am that girl that hates remakes, reboots, and too many sequels. I’m also the hypocritical gal who will still go watch beloved characters anyway, but with lowered expectations.

I was excited for this movie when I heard that it would be introducing Wonder Woman. She is hands-down my favorite superhero/comic book character. When I was just a toddler, I was spinning around in a cape so that I could turn into her. It was an obsession that stuck with me. As I look back, I realize that she was my first crush. I’m not sure what it says about me as a person. Perhaps that I’m awesome? I even dressed as Wonder Woman at my comic book themed wedding.

As you can see, I am quite invested in this character. It was like Nerd Christmas when I found out she’d FINALLY be appearing in a movie. It’s a moment that myself and a monstrous chorus of nerds everywhere have been waiting for. And then when they released pics of Gal Gadot in costume, I almost cried from disappointment. I just couldn’t agree with the casting. She wasn’t nearly as curvy and lovely as my beloved Lynda Carter.  And I hated the costume. It just doesn’t look exciting to me. It’s just “there”. I understand that a more modernized look is in order, but I feel that they could have done better.

All in all, I stopped looking forward to seeing the movie. I knew that my husband and I would indeed go see it at the theater. He’s as much or more of a comic book nerd than I am. But I just hated it before stepping foot in the theater. And here’s what happened when I did…

Right off the bat (see what I did there?), I’m irked that we’re rehashing Batman’s origin story. I think to myself, “Good Lord, how many times have we had to sit through this?” It’s beautifully shot, however, so there’s that. And I basically start writing a bad review blog in my head at this point. For the first half of the movie (or more), we’re skipping back and forth between what’s going on with Batman and what’s going on with Superman. It’s like two different movies. The Batman side of the story seems to be a melancholy horror film that I’d be reluctant to take small children to see. The Superman side is more like an action/drama. And unlike Marvel, there’s little to no comic relief throughout the film. I guess the closest thing we got is the quips of Diana Prince when she appears or perhaps the Neil Degrasse Tyson cameo?

But there’s a turning point. When Wonder Woman first appeared on screen in costume, the audience visibly and audibly got excited. And their excitement was infectious. I was excited that they were excited. That’s when it dawned on me. THIS is why we’re rehashing Batman’s story. It’s not for me, it’s for the next generation of fans. And from there, the positive thoughts spread like wildfire. THIS is why we have to get updated characters and costumes. It has nothing to do with me and the other die-hard fans like me. Sure, Hollywood hopes they will please us too, but they have to create more audience to keep these characters alive. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s all about the bottom line for them, but they ARE running a business. I may not always respect that, but I “get” it.


WONDER WOMAN: I always felt that the charm of classic Wonder Woman was not just the sex appeal and badassery  but the naive and optimistic nature of her character. This is not that character. And I don’t love it. But I respect those changes because I know that the WW that I know and love just doesn’t fit with modern times. And if you can bring in those younger fans, PLEASE DO SO. Girls are frothing at the mouth for a good female superhero for role model purposes. Just look at the controversy over the lack of Black Widow merchandise and you’ll know that this is something that is a long time coming. And Wonder Woman is the best choice for the job because she is the most popular, long enduring of all female superheroes. I also think that the boys of the world need to be shown that women can have value. Wonder Woman holds her own with the big boys. This is an important message for the youth of today.


BATFLECK: Oh here goes, I don’t think he’s terrible. You have to remember that he can only work so much with what he’s given. He’s not my favorite Batman. He’s not even in the top 3, but he’s not the worst. I really hate the suit he’s wearing for the Supes fight. It’s bulky and ugly. I get that he needed more protection, but UGH. It’s unsightly. Plus, could someone explain to me why Alfred looks the same age as Bruce?


SUPERMAN: I really feel bad for Henry Cavill. I feel like they gave him a steaming pile to read from. He seems very grumpy/angsty in this film. I don’t think he’s a terrible actor. I just think that whoever wrote this version of Supes, doesn’t know much about him. I thought Man of Steele was an okay movie, but like with WW, I just don’t see much of the original character there. I suppose if I’m going to support an evolve of WW, I should get on board with this too but I’m still torn here. I guess in my heart of hearts even though I understand that the change is needed, but it’s still hard to let go of “my” versions of the characters.

I feel that the film as a whole is a “slow burn” type of film like Watchmen was. If you only want nonstop action in your superhero movie, this is not the movie for you. SO, in summary, You don’t have to love this incarnation. You just have to understand where it’s going and hold on for the ride.

It’s about respect.

And about hoping this thing doesn’t sink like the Titanic so we get that full length Wonder Woman movie I’ve always dreamed of.

Pretty please?



The Day The Music Died

On February 3, 1959, rock and roll musicians Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens, and J. P. “The Big Bopper” Richardson were killed in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa, together with the pilot, Roger Peterson. The event later became known as “The Day the Music Died“, after singer-songwriter Don McLean so referred to it in his song “American Pie“. (From Wikipedia.)


This event created shockwaves through musical history as we know it.  It has influenced me as a musician despite being well before my time.

My mother is also a musician. I listened to a lot of “oldies” because of my mother’s extensive rock and country record collection. The artists who died that day were but a few among the many records, but when you consider that these artists influenced many of others who followed, it’s a monster of a loss. Mom was a huge Beatles fan. If you are, then you know, that the Beatles may have never happened if it weren’t for John and Paul’s mutual love of Buddy Holly. In fact, the first song they ever recorded was a cover of “That’ll Be The Day.”

But even as the music influenced me, I knew only vaguely about the details of the crash until I saw the “La Bamba” film on television as a child.  I was saddened by the story, but it was until I was in my mid-twenties that it resonated with me.

My then husband had not seen La Bamba. We were browsing the video rental store (yes, I’m THAT old.) and came across La Bamba. He was a musician as well so we snatched it up. He decided we both needed to also see The Buddy Holly Story. We were unsure of its value since it included Gary Busey as Buddy Holly.

We rushed home and watched them back to back that evening. After the viewing was over, a distinct depression set in. I couldn’t even place or put into words what made the story so terribly personal to us, but it was. I got online to write about it on my personal journal page and when I pulled up a page to use for a quick fact check, I found that it was February 3rd. I don’t recall what year it was when this happened, but it sent chills down my spine. I called out to my spouse and informed him that it was the anniversary.  We both stared at the screen in disbelief. Neither of us had realized it was that day. And since then, it has always stuck with me. This is the day the music died. And I always have a sad reverence for this day.

Today, I leave with you a playlist of my favorites from this trio of great musicians. I tried to pull from lesser known songs mostly because everyone has heard the same handful over and over. Enjoy.

Start Paying Attention To Domnhall Gleeson

Actor Domnhall Gleeson is one to look out for.

Even though I am a Harry Potter fan, He didn’t catch my attention as Bill Weasley. (It was a small part, really.) He caught my eye as Jon in the quirky film, Frank. Even though Fassbender steals the show, one can’t ignore Domnhall Gleeson’s straight-man as the main character.

Then I start to see the guy pop up other places. In the phenomenally under-appreciated “About Time” (time travel movie), he is a character that we really feel for. I loved him in that. Also in Ex-Machina…great little movie. I heard lots of bad reviews of it, but I loved the exploration of A.I. I guess it’s just an interest of mine! He’s in lots more that I will likely be checking out just based on his talent. Or maybe I’m just biased since he’s ginger.

Then, I hear that he’s going to be in the new STAR WARS. I got super-mega-excited when I found out. Let the fan girl squees commence, but just so you know…I SAW HIM FIRST.

Foto: Markus Nass /

Foto: Markus Nass /

AS A SIDE NOTE: I found out while doing research, his father plays Mad-Eye Moody in Harry Potter. MIND BLOWN.

The Cult of Netflix

I was a Netflix addict from day one. Quality streaming entertainment from the convenience of my home…anytime day or night? Yes, please. Sign me up. Call me your biggest fan. I even subscribed to the disc service back when I had crappy satellite internet.

I’ve always found that they’ve had a good balance of the mainstream popular and the indie gold at the end of the rainbow. It may not always end up being gold, but there’s enough there to keep you digging and discovering new treasures.

Here’s some movie recommends from me (Ones you might have missed. Look up more info or the trailers!): A Single Man, Snowpiercer, The Babadook, Silver Linings Playbook, Hugo, Blue Velvet, Heavenly Creatures, Metropolis, Amelie, TiMER, The One I Love, Safety Not Guaranteed, About Time, and Frank. As far as series go, I mostly watch Doctor Who, Fringe, Breaking Bad, Bates Motel, How I Met Your Mother, Shield, Sherlock, and many more; including some selections from the Netflix Original Series roster. Which is honestly where this blog was headed from the beginning…

I’ve felt television programming had been faltering for a while. As we know it, media in general, has been faltering since the age of the internet. (Still a bit sad over the rapidly coming death of printed word.) But, it is evolving. And the best of it seems to be the advent of the Netflix Original Series. The percentage of what is good, quality programming out of what they have is beating the pants off of most other channels. The only one I can even think of for comparison would be HBO. They are cornering the market on shows that are so addictive WE CAN’T STOP WATCHING.  I’m watching Orange Is The New Black WHILE I type this. Also beloved by my household is House of Cards, Daredevil, and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. But there are many more that I am anxious to try out because everything I have seen so far has been top notch programming. Sense8 in particular intrigues me. I may add it to my neverending “to-watch” list. Feel free to let me know your own recommendations.


I will leave you with Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. If you like laughing…Here you go!

Why you should add some Ryan Gosling to your Halloween playlists…

It’s hard to find new Halloween music. GOOD Halloween music. It’s always the same old movie themes, horror punk, and gothic melodies. Not that there’s anything wrong with those, but sometimes you want something new.

Well, if you’ve never heard Ryan Gosling’s band “Dead Man’s Bones”, you’re in for a treat.

From the hauntingly beautiful music to the dark, sexy vocals from Mr. Gosling…the mood is perfect…only improved by the added genius of a children’s choir singing background on the majority of the album. The whole album is worth a try, but here are a few of my favorites.

“In The Room Where You Sleep” seems to be their most popular song, and was my introduction to the project. This song was on the soundtrack for The Conjuring.

My personal favorite is “My Body’s A Zombie For You”. I think you’ll understand why…if you just listen.

“Lose Your Soul” is a very catchy song.

There are so many more on this album that I love, but I just wanted to give you a taste of it. Go seek out the rest on your own.


Not Enough Mana, Mr. Monopoly Man.

Take your self made hand that you so carefully crafted from all of your past glorious battles and roll the dice. Land upon a board glittered with various colors representing the many colors asscosciated with the affinities of the their elements. Now claim your land and defend it to the death in glorious combat. Strike down would be pretenders who stand in your way and barricade your boardwalk. Increase the toll upon your property and summon magnificent beasts to stand guard to ensure sure your opponents pay up. This obsure gem of pure addictive strategy is the spawn of Magic the Gathering and Monopoly at its finest. I present unto thee CULDCEPT SAGAS for the XBOX 360. I encourage you to find this sweet treasure and play it to your hearts content. It will consume you and you will thank it for its gifts.

The Best Fictional Fathers

1. Jonathan (Pa) Kent. (Superman) The father who actually took this alien we know as Superman and gave him and home and raised him as best he could.

2. Walter Bishop. (Fringe). I haven’t even caught up on Fringe, but everyone assures me this guy needs to be on the list for some strange reason!

3. Cliff Huxtable. (The Cosby Show) This one was also highly voted on when I polled facebook users. I feel that he was a good dad, but would not included him had it not been for the overwhelming amount of love he got.

4. Mufasa. (The Lion King) Our first animated father, but definitely a memorable one. I can’t even think the name Mufasa without getting teary-eyed. In fact, let’s move on. *sniffle*

5. Ward Cleaver. (Leave It To Beaver)- The most wholesome choice of the bunch, but you kinda HAVE to include him.

6. Eddard (Ned) Stark (Game of Thrones). He was a very honorable man, who did what he could to protect and teach his children. Still saddened by the loss of this one.

7. Carlisle (Twilight). Though not a traditional father, I felt this was worth a mention because he took all of these young vamps under his wing and taught them and gave them a home and family.

8. Andy Taylor (Andy Griffith Show). Best of the Best, as far as single dads go. He may have had a little help from Aunt Bee, but he was certainly Grade A on his own.

9. Atticus Finch (To Kill A Mockingbird). A hero in many ways, but won our hearts as the father in this award-winning novel.

10. Unnamed Father (The Road). Felt this one was worth including, as he goes through great lengths to protect his son in the wake of the apocalypse, despite the fact that he is dying.

Honorable Mentions: Pa Ingalls, Carl Winslow, Phillip Banks, Tim Taylor, Danny Tanner, Rick from Walking Dead, Uncle Ben Parker, Mike Brady, Arthur Weasley, Mrs. Doubtfire, Mitchell and Cam, Hank Hill, Dan Connor, Marlin from Nemo, Herman Munster, Clark Griswold, Henry Jones, Sr, Howard Cunningham, Liam Neeson in Taken, Henry from Punky Brewster, Tony from Who’s The Boss, Butch’s Dad in Pulp Fiction.

Thanks to all the people who gave their two cents on who should be on the list. And despite the fact that I disagree with him making the list…So many people voted on him I figured I’d at least share a picture.

Fast paced over the top insanity park-our zombie slaughter. Take your imagination and picture the vivid lucidity of any and all the craziest possible weapon combinations you can conceive and blend them bitches. Insomniac took the visual art style reminiscent of Jet Grind Radio and took their quirky over the top weapons similar to Ratchet and Clank and let you go completely insane on Over Dose Mutated zombies. Epic fun chaos. This beaut comes out this fall on the the exclusively to the XBOX ONE and cant come soon enough.